You’ve got questions. Ohh, the questions...

Get your financial future figured out without spending a fortune with Wealth by Design™ DIY.

You know that you need to start thinking about a plan for your money...

But you don’t know what that entails and you KNOW you’re not ready to work with a financial advisor one-on-one.

Get the answers with Wealth by Design™ DIY

You want some guidance.

As financial advisors ourselves, we know that our industry doesn’t offer the most accessible guidance on how to manage finances and prepare for the future. We want the buck to stop with us (pun intended).

We also want to stop the bad advice train, and give you some guidance from certified financial advisors — not the people who just play them on the internet.

But you’re not ready to hire a financial advisor just yet...

What you need is a tool to help you get your finances all figured out, and that makes it easy to plan for the future — based on what’s important to you and where you’re at in life. And you need it to be easy enough for you to do by yourself.

That’s why we created Wealth by Design DIY.  

Instead of complex mumbo-jumbo, Wealth by Design™ DIY is a financial program that allows you to plug-and-play your numbers so you know what you need to reach your goals. 

DIY your financial plan

Is Wealth by Design™ DIY the right program for you?

This program is perfect for those who want guidance on putting together a financial plan, but aren’t ready to hire an financial advisor to do it for them. 

It was also created by two CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals who don’t work for your grandpa. If you hate all the outdated financial advice out there, Wealth by Design DIY is perfect for you.

Hate math? That’s cool, too. We’ve really stripped everything we do inside of our financial planning firm down into easy-to-use calculators that do it all for you. No calculator needed.

And we’re bringing it to you for a fraction of the cost of traditional financial planning services.

So… what’s inside the program?!

Are you ready to get all up in your finances, make a plan, and feel more confident and secure with your money? Cool, let’s get into it.

The Wealth by Design™ DIY program includes how to...

Calculate your emergency funds

Figure out how much insurance you need

Create a legacy plan for your family

Calculate your net worth

Create a budget (that doesn’t get blown ASAP)

Get clear on how much you should be saving

Understand investment strategies + risk tolerance

Leverage the income you make as a young professional

Once signed up, you’ll get an all-access pass to the program, which includes:

+8 Video Modules walking you through every step

+ Workbooks, checklists and spreadsheets to help

+ Our MASTER CALCULATOR (this is where the magic happens)

Save thousands with Wealth by Design™ DIY

There’s a reason you haven’t hired an advisor yet, and there’s a reason you’re on this page...

It’s probably because you want to understand your financial picture before you hand it off to someone — and you don’t have the funds (or interest) to hire an advisor right now. 

But there’s something else stopping you: you may have “shopped” other advisors before, and just not clicked with any of them. It may not have felt like they understood you, your lifestyle, or your financial goals.

Instead, you need financial planning that fits your needs — online, accessible, simple, affordable. 

We’re a brother-sister CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ duo, and we own and manage our wealth management firm in Lake Charles, Louisiana. With over 20 years of experience between us, we’ve worked on hundreds of financial plans and we can't wait to share our process with you.


You probably have some questions…

Before you click that “BUY” button, we want to get you answers. Here are a few of the common ones we get, but email us at [email protected] if you don’t see yours here.

No more guessing. No more wondering if you’re screwing it all up.

Wealth by Design™  DIY has everything you need to create a solid plan for your money — and you can rest easy knowing that your plan is guided by the professionals.

Get started with Wealth by Design™ DIY
Wealth by Design DIY has been created as an educational and informational tool only.  No information contained within this course should be construed as investment, legal or tax advice specific to your situation and circumstances.  All charts, figures, and graphs are for illustrative purposes only and the calculator output is based upon data entered by you.  Wealth by Design™ DIY does not assume responsibility for their accuracy or completeness.

We strongly encourage you to meet and discuss specific questions related to your situation with your own investment, legal or tax professional as you determine the need.  Implementation of the action items determined by your course completion and the resulting plan is your sole responsibility.